Entrances & Doors
Fitted Cabinetry

    Our entrances feature solid wood construction throughout. Mortise and tenon joinery creates a strong joint, with epoxy used as the adhesive. Solid cope-and-stick moulded edges offer a clean, classic appearance. 2 1/4 inch thickness is standard for our doors, side lites, and transoms. Frames are made with a 1 3/4 inch sill and 1 1/8 inch frames and casings. An interlocking bronze saddle and solid silicone weatherseal provides a airtight entrance.

   Classic entrance with wood bars throughout. All are true divided lites of glass for authenticity.

   This Entrance features side lites and transom with a leaded glass design instead of wood bars. The leaded glass is encapsulated within a 5/8 inch thick insulated glass unit for protection. 5/8 inch insulated glass is standard in our entrances. 

    Entrance with the door having a clear finish.

    This entrance has a stained finished with a clear topcoat on both the door and the frame.

   Interior view.

   35 lites of glass in this door.

   Interior View.

     Front entrance and brackets.

     One of two breezeway entrances.

   Entrance with painted side lites, transom, and frame.

Interior view.

   Entrance with painted door and side lites. Even though our doors are made with solid quartersawn sepele wood, painting provides the best long term, low maintenance option for an entrance. We later added a combination door to this entrance for added protection and summer screening.

A classic entrance.


   Interior view of a front entrance featuring a Dutch door design.

   Large entrance with a diamond lite transom. Beveled glass was used throughout in this entrance.

Interior view.

   This entrance is shown with a combination storm door.

   Gothic style door with a small "speak easy" door replacing one of the panels.

    Two panel door with 24 lites of beveled glass.

    White Oak door and side lites with a clear finish in a painted door frame.

     Closeup of the door only.

    Contemporary entrance with a pair of doors and two side lites.

    A closer view of the doors. The careful attention to detail in the layout is apparent in the wonderful way these doors come together.

    We made this door to replace an existing one and hung it in the existing door frame.

    Detail of door showing heavy raise on the panel and the solid cope and stick moulding.

    A large front entrance with a pair of doors with a half round design. The entrance is over 9 feet tall. The beautiful ironwork was done by a local shop.

    Detail of the door and frame. The Sapele wood has a stained and varnished finish.

   This was an existing entrance that needed a new door and some insulating qualities addressed. We made a new door, weather sealed it, and added a storm door. We also added interior panels to the transom and side lites.

    Closeup of door with the storm door opened. Shows the beautiful finished applied by the painter.

    Interior view of entrance. We added interior panels in front of the transom and side lites for the insulating qualities.

Entrance with leaded glass and storm door.

Interior view of entrance.

Natural finish sepele front entrance. Although the jamb was in good condition, we replaced the casings to strengthen the jamb. This also gave a suitable frame to hang the storm door.

With storm door open.

Interior view with door opened.

One of a houseful of interior white oak doors we made.


Link to a gorgeous house we were fortunate enough to build the front entrance and exterior doors for. All were dutch doors.