Entrances & Doors
Fitted Cabinetry

      Mantel walls can become detailed projects involving mantels, paneling, and cabinetwork. Expected to accommodate televisions, sound equipment, storage and even sinks, not to mention a fireplace. 

      Ideas from designers or homeowners often have to be scaled with equipment and space requirements. We specialized in working with a variety of professions to bring together a design that gets it right the first time.

      We have been fortunate to have worked with quality craftsman, in all trades, on the projects on this page and many others not shown here.

                                 This wall includes cabinets on both sides of the paneled mantel. The one on the right opens up to a wet bar. After a complicated installation, the wall received a faux painted finish.

  Center mantel and TV area.

   Built-in storage area for audio equipment.

   Bar area with doors closed.

   Bar area with doors opened.

   Butternut wood was chosen for this room.

  Detail of mantel.


   The designer of this room gave us a complete set of plans ready to go.

   The room was done in cypress. It involved a mantel, paneling, and cabinets throughout the entire room. We used matched veneer panels within mortise and tenon frames with an applied moulding. The mantel features  turned pilasters.

   The limed finished was applied before installation by a local finishing shop. 

 After installation, skilled carpenters  applied the trim and mouldings.

  Detail of mantel.

    We were asked to make this bookcase to accommodate shelving, a television, and an entry to an elevator. 

Elevator access.

  This wall has an usual mantel design, bead board backs, and small carvings at top of fluted pilasters. We like to prime the woodwork front and back, before installation, to make sure everything is sealed to protect against movement.

  Detail of mantel.


  Paneled wall of highly figured cherrywood.

   Cherry mantel with bookshelf cabinets for a home office.

     Mantel combined with fitted dresser.